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Board Member: Marketing

Position Description + Expectations 

Marketing Mission ( is seeking a new board member to mentor our team on building and growing a nonprofit marketing agency.  

Primary Responsibilities

  • Mentor and work closely with the Director of Agency Operations to build a strategy and system for improving agency operations and growth
  • Mentor the Director of Agency Operations on setting and achieve personal and professional development goals
  • Help our team craft a budget and implement time-saving strategies and tools to improve customer experience
  • Provide strategic recommendations on service offerings and growth opportunities
  • Guide the Director of Agency Operations in building an agency team to fulfill the goals of Marketing Mission 

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience leading a political campaign, marketing agency, or marketing team 
  • 5+ years of work experience working in the marketing industry 
  • Experience leading a team with multiple marketing roles including email marketing, graphic design, web design, paid ads, etc. 


Board Member Expectations

  • Attend meetings and actively participating in committees
  • Communicate with the executive director and other team members
  • Follow through on assignments
  • Support program initiatives
  • Bring goodwill and a sense of humor to all board activities.
  • Utilize personal and professional networks to promote or benefit Marketing Mission
  • Meet/secure the annual $3000 give/get requirement


Serve a minimum of three years, and up to six years. Following a three-year term, board members may renew for a second three-year term or for up to three one-year terms.

Meetings and Events

  • Attend, prepare for, and participate in board meetings. Board meetings are typically the first Thursday of the month and happen virtually.
  • Attend, prepare for, and participate in at least one Committee.
  • Serve as a positive Marketing Mission ambassador at events and online via social media.
  • Notify the Executive Director in advance of meetings and events when unable to attend. Consistent absences, particularly without prior notification, may lead to removal from the board.
  • Ask timely and substantive questions at board and committee meetings consistent with your conscience and convictions, while supporting the majority decision on issues decided by the board or committee.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the board’s executive sessions, and speak for the board or the organization only when authorized to do so.

Avoiding Conflicts

  • Read and agree to abide by Marketing Mission's conflict of interest policy.
  • Maintain objectivity when discussing and voting on board decisions.
  • Never accept (or offer) financial favors or gifts from (or to) anyone who does business with the organization.
  • Ask questions and raise concerns as they arise either in group board discussion or privately with Executive Committee member(s) or the Executive Director.

Financial Commitment 

A $3000 financial commitment from board members is necessary to ensure the success of Marketing Mission.

You are able to fulfill this requirement in the following ways each year:

  • Corporate sponsorship - Find a corporate sponsorship (your company counts too!) and fund the pro-bono clinic.
  • Personal gift
  • Peer to peer fundraising
  • Grant writing
  • Referrals - Any clients that you are responsible for bringing in will count toward your requirement.

About Us - Marketing Mission

At Marketing Mission, we believe marketing shouldn’t drain the bank for nonprofits. We work hand-in-hand with nonprofit leaders to give them the time-saving strategy, tools, and marketing their organizations need to raise more money and making a bigger impact online. 

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Why We Exist

Nonprofits are struggling to find affordable marketing solutions. A nonprofit with an annual budget of $100,000 will typically only have $2,000 allocated for marketing. However, corporations bill an average of $7200 per project. Thousands of nonprofits close their doors each year because they can’t afford the marketing they need to spread the word about their cause, and that’s just plain wrong. 

Mission Statement

At Marketing Mission, we know that nonprofits are struggling to find affordable marketing services. We believe marketing shouldn’t drain the bank, which is why we provide low-cost support to help organizations grow faster, stronger, and smarter.

Unique Factors

  1. We only work with nonprofit organizations, meaning we’re strategically focused on how marketing and development work hand-in-hand. 
  2. We’re a nonprofit organization ourselves and our team comes from the nonprofit sector. We understand the ins and outs of nonprofit life. 
  3. Less is more approach to marketing and communications. We’re here to streamline marketing to achieve higher ROI, not make it harder for nonprofits to maintain. 

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Board Member: Marketing