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Marketing Coordinator

Primary Responsibilities

This position will coordinate the marketing efforts of all Marketing Mission Agency clients.

  • Work with clients to gather all necessary information for marketing efforts
  • Coordinate day-to-day operations of the Marketing Mission Agency, including scheduling emails, social media posts, paid ads, etc.  
  • Work with Director of Agency Operations, interns, and clients to ensure all client deadlines and deliverables are met 
  • Attend meetings with clients as needed; tracking progress, timeline, and deliverables
  • Simplify complex data into a user-friendly format such as graphs, charts, and other visual aids for clients and Marketing Mission team

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Communications or related
  • 1 year of experience in related marketing or communications field
  • Critical thinker with strong problem-solving and research skills
  • Strong organizational and project management skills and detail-oriented
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines
  • Ability to gather large amounts of data and convert it into meaningful analysis
  • Knowledge of various marketing platforms, channels, and best practices, including social, digital, and email marketing
  • A self-starter with an ability to work independently to move projects forward, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines

Hourly Rate 

  • $18-20/hr
  • 5 hours per week

Reports to

Director of Special Projects

Straight Up 👇 

This is a brand new position and tasks will be relinquished from the executive director. The first three months will be training, coaching, and transitioning client marketing projects to your care. It is crucial that you ask questions, take lead in developing and improving strategies and organizational systems, and advocate for the support you need to be successful. You will be working to develop our community engagement program and clinic from the ground up. 

About Us - Marketing Mission

At Marketing Mission, we believe marketing shouldn’t drain the bank for nonprofits. We work hand-in-hand with nonprofit leaders to give them the time-saving strategy, tools, and marketing their organizations need to raise more money and making a bigger impact online. 

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Why We Exist

Nonprofits are struggling to find affordable marketing solutions. A nonprofit with an annual budget of $100,000 will typically only have $2,000 allocated for marketing. However, corporations bill an average of $7200 per project. Thousands of nonprofits close their doors each year because they can’t afford the marketing they need to spread the word about their cause, and that’s just plain wrong. 

Mission Statement

At Marketing Mission, we know that nonprofits are struggling to find affordable marketing services. We believe marketing shouldn’t drain the bank, which is why we provide low-cost support to help organizations grow faster, stronger, and smarter.

Cool Factors 😎

  1. We only work with nonprofit organizations, meaning we’re strategically focused on how marketing and development work hand-in-hand. 
  2. We’re a nonprofit organization ourselves and our team comes from the nonprofit sector. We understand the ins and outs of nonprofit life. 
  3. Less is more approach to marketing and communications. We’re here to streamline marketing to achieve higher ROI, not make it harder for nonprofits to maintain. 

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Marketing Coordinator