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Digital Fundraising Campaign for Miami Waterkeeper Raises $124,000 on #GiveMiamiDay

We partnered with the Miami Waterkeeper to create the digital design, social, and video content for #GiveMiamiDay in November 2021.

Organization Spotlight

Clean water is what makes Miami, Miami. As the leading advocate for their local environment, Miami Waterkeeper defends the human right to use and enjoy clean water by focusing on clean water for all, ecosystem protection, and sea-level rise readiness in South Florida. Since their inception, they've achieved significant water wins including the rescue of hundreds of threatened corals from a dangerous dredging project, avoiding the discharge of millions of gallons of toxic chemicals into waterways, and working with hundreds of volunteers to pick up thousands of pounds of trash and restore acres of habitat.

Needless to say, they're doing some pretty crucial work and are growing quickly.

One of the nation's biggest 24-hour annual giving events, Give Miami Day is an online campaign where all locals are philanthropists. Since 2012, Give Miami Day has raised more than $110 million for 1,000+ community nonprofits.

In order to be successful in a digital fundraising campaign, it's important to set campaign goals and objectives. This will help keep your efforts focused and ensure that you're reaching your target audience.

Miami Waterkeeper's objectives for their #GiveMiamiDay campaign were to increase awareness about their work and to raise money to support their programs.

Campaign Goals + Objectives

The Problem: A Brand New and Small Team

Miami Waterkeeper's team was in transition. They just hired their first development director, but they also lost their marketing manager and graphic designer just a few months later.

Oh... and they hadn't started planning their social content and we were two weeks out from the campaign. Needless to say, they were understaffed and overworked—sound familiar?

"We just hired our first development director, but don't have a marketing manager at the moment. As you can imagine, that was overwhelming for her," said Rachel Silverstein, Executive Director at Miami Waterkeeper. "Luckily, Cody with Marketing Mission stepped in to create our social media and advertising campaign for our largest online fundraiser to date."

The Solution: Embrace the Limitations and run a Hyper-Targeted Campaign

Miami Waterkeeper promoted their event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn using all of their available channels.

We analyzed past campaigns by Miami Waterkeeper to identify what type of content worked best for their audience. Specifically, we looked at:

  • Top Engaged Posts
  • Top Shared Posts
  • Posts with the Most Clicks

With this data in hand, we used it to create the following deliverables:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Graphics
  • Peer to Peer Outreach
  • Instagram Reels

After going through their analytics, we realized that their audience engaged the most with videos showing pollution in the water. With that in mind, we published this Instagram Reel the day before the campaign began. It went viral with over 33,000 views.

This uptick in engagement helped us stay top of feed throughout the rest of the campaign.

Mid campaign on day three hen we saw a downturn in our engagement, we repeated this strategy with a post showcasing a 24 hour turn around on a river clean up. Although this video saw 13,700 views, it garnered 56 comments and 1038 likes.

the results

Miami Waterkeeper was very successful in reaching both of these goals, raising over $124,000 from over 400 donors. This was a vast improvement from last year's campaign that brought in $54,000 and 280 donors.

Results At a Glance

  • Dollars raised - $124,874
  • Donations Received - 410
  • New Donors - Over 100
  • Second Time Donors -
  • Third Time Donors -
  • Champion Funding was $45,000, 36% overall
"Despite their small size, Miami Waterkeeper has developed a strong connection with its local community," said Cody Hays, Executive Director of Marketing Mission. "As a result, we were able to utilize data and analytics to develop a plan that capitalized on their audience's preferred content style while also leveraging current trends such as Instagram Reels and Facebook Ads."

The Takeaway

Over 400 donors gave to Miami Waterkeeper, resulting in a grand total of $124,000 raised, further protecting Miami's water from pollution and sea-level rise. On Instagram alone, we had a reach of over 60,000 people through our viral posts.

Marketing Mission was proud to work alongside Miami Waterkeeper for this landmark fundraising day and support their efforts to protect the water we love.

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I wanted that same thing when I started working in marketing back in 2015. It took me over 5 years to learn how to work in this digital world efficiently and effectively without it overtaking my life.

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