Plan Your Next Marketing Campaign in 15 Minutes

(so you can streamline your marketing & reclaim control of your time!)


💻 Reveal the biggest mistakes nonprofits make that keep them stuck and the actions to streamline & simplify your fundraising efforts.

🗓️ Walk you through my approach to developing a repeatable marketing plan your team can use to stay streamlined and focused.

💪 Showcase our approach to fundraising, marketing and storytelling so you can save time and get your life back.

📊 Show you how you can use our proven framework that 20+ nonprofits have used to earn more and raise almost $8,000,000.

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Marketing is tough, huh?

Hey there! It’s me, Cody.

In my past seven years as a nonprofit marketing strategist, I've worked with a dozens of nonprofit leaders. I’ve realized that most people want three things: 

🖤 They want to do something they love for work

💰 They want that work to fund their life outside of work

🤗 They want to maximize their impact on other people through their work

I wanted that same thing when I started working in marketing back in 2015. It took me over 5 years to learn how to work in this digital world efficiently and effectively without it overtaking my life.

I figured out that implementing the right systems and processes into my campaigns was the only way to take me from stressed, overwhelmed, and drowning in work to confident, in control, and seeing the results I needed. In this workshop, I want to share with you the exact steps I took to get there.

I’m ready to pull back the curtain and show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of my journey from a stressed out marketer with a camera and a laptop to a nonprofit strategist making an impact.

I’ll be showing you the exact strategy I walk my clients through and get super clear with you about how to plan your next nonprofit marketing campaign with confidence and ease.

I believe you shouldn’t have to choose between being a nonprofit professional and living your life on your terms, and I’m ready to show you how to do both.

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Ready to streamline your marketing & reclaim control of your time?

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