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3 Easy Ways Your Nonprofit’s Brand Can Engage an Online Community

April 15, 2023

marketing mission Blog

3 Easy Ways Your Nonprofit’s Brand Can Engage an Online Community

April 15, 2023

As a nonprofit, your mission is probably aimed at building up your community. However, a number of nonprofits miss the opportunity to extend their presence online. Knowing how to engage with supporters on social media will allow your nonprofit to reach more people and better achieve their overall goal.

In this post, we will provide 3 helpful ways for you to build and engage an online community.

#1: Collaborate on social media campaigns of other, related organizations.

Not only will collaborations bring in followers from different organizations, but it will also foster a sense of community and cooperation within your own company. 

#2: Create exciting opportunities for feedback or suggestions from followers.

As the saying goes, you have two ears and one mouth. Make it clear that you care about what your clients have to say. Being a good listener will not only provide you with excellent feedback, but also instill the viewers’ confidence in your authenticity to the cause. Raffles can prove to be an effective tool to encourage engagement.

#3: Schedule digital events.

As a nonprofit, you likely are already focused on community outreach and events. However, with the push to digital, it can be strategically beneficial to also provide digital events for the community to still be engaged. Live video streams of interviews, Q&A’s, and even real-world events can be easy promotion for your nonprofit that will garner strong brand appreciation. 

When you invite your audience into a dialogue, event, or network, you are developing a long-term relationship between your brand and its supporters. You already know how important you are in your local community, but now it’s time to move it digitally.

Once you begin opening up the opportunities for online interaction and connection, your nonprofit opens the door to more donors and following. 

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