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5 Tips and Reminders for Creating Great Videos

April 15, 2023

marketing mission Blog

5 Tips and Reminders for Creating Great Videos

April 15, 2023

Creating videos can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be! In this article we will walk you through 5 tips and reminders to keep in mind in order to create great videos. 

Offer words of encouragement to your subject

Offer words of encouragement to your subject to help ease the tension (and after they finish a take), especially if they are camera shy. 

Encourage your subject to talk slow

Ask the subject to pause between questions and thoughts to give the editor ample footage to make clean cuts.

Write a script for your video

It’s completely okay to script these videos, and in fact, you should! Using your brand talking points will help you stay on topic and create a video that will engage your  audience. You can also use your script in post-production to create closed-captions or a transcript. 

Keep it casual 

Conversational language is natural, more engaging for your audience, and prevents the dialogue from sounding stiff and formal. Afterall, folks typically are watching social media videos to escape work, not be dragged into more of it. 

Keep it short  

People tend to quit listening and become easily distracted with long videos, so we recommend trying to keep social videos under 30 seconds and other videos around two minutes long. Each written page (double-spaced and 12 point font) takes about two minutes to read out loud, so be mindful of this when writing your script.

Remember to offer words of encouragement, ask your subject to talk slowly, write a script, and keep it casual and short. Follow these tips and you’ll be creating great videos without the stress! And if you have questions, be sure to reach out to Marketing Mission.

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