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5 Tips to Writing Subject Lines Worth Opening

April 15, 2023

marketing mission Blog

5 Tips to Writing Subject Lines Worth Opening

April 15, 2023

What is the most important factor in making sure your emails get read? Is it the formatting? The captivating images? The quality of your writing? 

While all of those factors are important in creating a memorable email, none of them matter if your email doesn’t even get opened. And in order to make sure that your emails get opened, you need to have a great subject line. 

Here are some easy-to-implement tips to perfect your subject line and increase your open rates. 

  1. Keep your subject line short. Most inboxes only reveal about 60 characters of a subject line, and mobile phones show even fewer. Data from Marketo shows that emails that are around 41 characters-- or around 7 words-- have the most success. Keeping your subject lines concise will ensure that your readers get the message. 

  1. Put the most important words at the beginning. Since many people read emails on their phones, it’s hard to know how much of your subject line will actually be visible. Putting the most important words at the beginning ensures that no matter what screen your readers are using, they’ll get the most important part of what you want to say. 

  1. Be creative. There are a lot of ways to make your subject line stand out among the tens of hundreds of other emails that are likely to flood your readers’ inboxes. If it’s in line with the tone of your organization, you could use jokes or humor to pique readers’ interests. You could also use your subject line to tease an announcement. 

  1. Avoid using clickbait. While teasing information in your message can be a useful tactic, it’s important that your email actually delivers what your subject line says it will. Readers don’t like to be tricked, and it’s important that you build their trust if they’re going to donate or support your cause. 

Use the recipient’s name. Many email marketing services allow you to send automated emails that include the recipient’s name. If readers see their name in the subject line, they’ll feel like you’re making an effort to create a personalized connection with them and will be more interested in reading further.

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