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How to Create Videos on a Budget

April 15, 2023

marketing mission Blog

How to Create Videos on a Budget

April 15, 2023

Video is a powerful tool-- according to a study by Animoto, 4 times as many people prefer watching a video to reading about something. Videos can bring your website up to the next level in terms of donations and reach, and can increase enthusiasm toward your cause. 

Not all nonprofits have the budget to invest in fancy videographers or editors. If you aren’t sure if you can fit video into your spending, fear not! Here are a few tips on producing a low cost, high impact video for your website. 

How to Record Video at Home

Recording and collecting videos shot at home is achievable with the right guidance and support. This video walks you through how to record video at home for your nonprofit fundraising event.

6 steps to creating great videos.

Use a tripod.

Using a tripod will help prevent a shaky video, and will give your video a more professional look. 

Keep lighting and framing in mind.

When interviewing someone, keep the background neutral to make sure your subject stands out. Try to find natural light from a window if you’re filming indoors, and try to film in the shade away from direct sunlight if you’re filming outdoors. 

Tell a story.

Videos are a great way to spread impactful stories. Think about what stories will resonate with your audience, and start your video off with a hook to draw viewers into the video. 

Incorporate music.

Music can completely change the mood of your video. Licensing for music can be expensive, but many websites provide royalty free music. Not all of them have free plans, but websites like make some free tracks available. 

Keep it short.

People have short attention spans and won’t want to sit for a video that drags on too long. For the best results, try to keep your video under 2 minutes. 

Use your branding in your video.

Make sure that viewers know that you are the organization producing the video, by incorporating your logo and establishing your organization’s mission. Also, be sure to include a call to action so that viewers know how they can get involved. 

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