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How to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List

April 15, 2023

marketing mission Blog

How to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List

April 15, 2023

Email is the most effective way to directly connect to your supporters. And getting people to sign up for your email list is one of the first steps in developing a long term relationship. 

But most people don’t just hand out their email-- they need a compelling reason to subscribe. Consider these tips when you’re trying to grow your email list: 

Use pop-ups on your website.

Putting a pop-up on your website makes it easy for anyone who searches your site to sign up for your mailing list. Most visitors likely aren’t going to make an extra effort to figure out how to sign up for your emails, but creating a pop-up does the hard work for them. 

Connect email to your other social media platforms.

Many people use social media more frequently than they communicate via email, so reaching out to people on other platforms is a good way to direct them to your email list. Create a landing page that allows people to sign up for email updates, and then post the link to that page on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. 

Make use of lead generators.

Most people appreciate free, useful information. A lead generator is just that-- an asset given to your readers in order to build trust in your relationship. If your nonprofit has created educational resources or compiled helpful information, offer to send it to your readers in exchange for their email. 

Participate in online advocacy.

As a nonprofit, you and your target audience will share a passion for the cause that your organization supports. One way to contribute to your cause, while also adding to your email list, is to create petitions. For example, when you create a petition on, everyone who signs your petition has to provide an email address. 

Start a blog.

By creating blog posts, you have the chance to be found by search engines and gain supporters. And, once your blog gains traction and has consistent readership, your readers will likely be interested in signing up for your mailing list so that they are notified every time you post a new blog. 

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