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How to Write an About Page for your Website

April 15, 2023

marketing mission Blog

How to Write an About Page for your Website

April 15, 2023

While it’s usually not the first page that your website visitors will see, your About Page is essential in making sure that your readers know exactly who you are and what you stand for. A good, descriptive About Page can make the difference between rousing an audience of difference makers, or losing their interest in your organization. 

By following these steps, you’ll have an About Page that clearly outlines your nonprofit’s impact, values, and goals, and will get your website readers on board with your mission. 

Step 1: Identify the problem. 

In order for your visitors to become emotionally invested in your work, they must first have a clear idea of what problem you are trying to solve. Outlining the problem is the first step to making sure that your readers know why your organization is so important-- if they don’t see the problem, they won’t see why the world needs you. 

Step 2: Tell your nonprofit’s story. 

Explain how your nonprofit got its start, and what inspired your team to tackle the issues that you do. Be descriptive and specific about what stands out about you, compared to other organizations that address similar issues. Include appeals to emotion and stories that show your nonprofit’s heart and create a lasting impression on your viewers. 

Step 3: Describe your impact. 

Make sure that your website viewers know that you are worthy of their support. Showcase the hard work that you’ve already done, and how it has positively impacted the cause that you’re working toward. 

Step 4: Talk about your goals. 

Explain why your work isn’t done, and clearly outline how your organization hopes to continue working toward change. This will give your readers an idea of what they will be contributing to if they choose to get involved or donate. It also assures them that you are dedicated and have a plan for your organization’s future. 

Step 5: Include a call to action. 

Provide your readers with a way to get involved by including a call to action button. Give them clear instructions on how they can help, through donating, volunteering, or staying aware by signing up for your email updates. This is an important step in starting a lasting relationship between you and your viewers. 

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