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custom event marketing strategies designed for your nonprofit

We understand you’re anxious about marketing your fundraising event—it’s totally understandable.

Marketing Mission helps nonprofits build a custom virtual event marketing strategy so your team can feel confident you’ll promote your event to the right people and raise the funds you need to continue living out your mission.

Together, we'll build your entire marketing and promotions campaign so you’re ready to start promoting in just a few days—not weeks.

Maximized Event Marketing

Here's how it all works:

Once your deposit has been paid, we'll send you an intake form! This will have specific questions to help us understand the purpose of your campaign. We ask that you complete this 48 hours prior to day one.

Day 1
9 AM - Strategy Kickoff Meeting: We'll meet to review your campaign, set your objectives and get clear on project deliverables.
9:30 - Work Time: I'll get to work writing your messaging for this campaign.
4 PM - Messaging Guide: We'll send you the messaging guide to review and solidify for this campaign.

Day 2-6
Work Time: Using the campaign strategy and messaging we finalized the day prior, I'll get to work crafting your campaign emails and social media posts. I'll also design your custom graphics for the campaign.

Day 7
We'll meet to review your campaign deliverables and implementation strategy.

plan your next nonprofit marketing campaign in just one week

As busy nonprofit founders and leaders, you’re juggling a lot with your programming and operations. It’s no wonder that mission marketing finds its way to the bottom of your to-do list.

Chances are:

  • you have difficulty finding enough hours in the day

  • you sit and stare at the computer wondering what to create for hours

  • you find yourself working at important family events

  • you're constantly worrying about whether you're "doing the right thing" with social media

  • you’re sacrificing your personal and family time for work

  • social media feels like a "have to do" not a "want to do"

If you’ve been struggling to clearly and consistently market your nonprofit - you’re in the right place!

Meet cody — your marketing adventure guide for the maximized event marketing.
In my past seven years as a nonprofit marketing strategist, I've worked with 30+ nonprofits to streamline their marketing and reclaim their team's time.

Take a look at the three minute video to learn more about how to maximize your nonprofit marketing without losing your mind.

book your campaign intensive today.

You don’t need to keep sacrificing family time, self-care, or your sanity to complete your work as a busy nonprofit leader.

With the Maximized Event Marketing, it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3:
do your
prep work
get your plan
in place
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