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custom branded Canva templates in one week

canva templates for nonprofits

Maximized canva build-out

Get your customized canva templates in one week

Maximized Canva Build-Out is a custom design solution that tailors a comprehensive collection of our best-performing templates from the Nonprofit Template Shop to your nonprofit organization, freeing up your time and ensuring your online content looks professional and engaging.

We understand how time-consuming it can be to customize Canva templates for nonprofits, especially when the results don't match your vision.

we'll customize our templates for you

one template, styled for 3 different nonprofits

what's included in this 1-week intensive?

The Maximized canva build-out includes:

Schedule a Discovery Session
access to all nonprofit template shop templates

All of our templates are included in the cost of the Maximized Canva Build Out.

We’ll Develop + Execute Your Marketing Plan
customization of all nonprofit template shop templates

Each of the templates from our Nonprofit Template Shop will be customized to your brand aesthetic.

Grow Your Nonprofit’s Impact
Canva folder organization and set up

To make navigating Canva as easy as possible for your nonprofit team.

Schedule a Discovery Session
500+ pieces of custom content

When everything is said and done, we will have prepared over 500 pieces of custom, personalized content for your nonprofit.

We’ll Develop + Execute Your Marketing Plan
one week from start-to-finished content

It'll only take one week for us to get you customized content. That's it— one week!

Grow Your Nonprofit’s Impact
post-launch training for your team

Empowering your team to understand how to use the customized Canva templates.

Free Consultation
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client love

Hear what fellow nonprofit founders, board of directors, marketing & development managers say about working with Marketing Mission.

"Marketing Mission went above and beyond to support Reading Partners in developing a video that captured the heart of our mission. Their marketing expertise is invaluable, and I’m so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with them!"

Cassy McKee, Executive Director, Reading Partners Seattle
Cassy McKee
Executive Director, Reading Partners Seattle

"Like many nonprofits, our website was over 10 years old and we didn’t have the ability to easily update it. Marketing Mission helped us develop an easy-to-edit site that showcases our impact through compelling photos, video, and storytelling. Now our site brings our mission and vision to life and celebrates our students, teachers, and families"

Jamie Koppel, Founder of BECA Schools
Jamie Koppel
Founder, BECA Schools

Maximized canva build-out

Here's how it all works:

Once your deposit has been paid, we'll send you an intake form! This will have specific questions to help us understand the unique needs and style of your organization. We ask that you complete this 48 hours prior to day one.

Day 1
Brand Assessment Meeting: We’ll meet to review your organization’s current branding, identify your visual preferences, and outline the key components that will be included in your Canva brand kit.

Canva Set Up: After the meeting, we'll begin setting up your Canva account. This includes creating your brand kit, organizing folders for your assets, and initializing your custom templates, ensuring a cohesive and easy-to-use setup.

Day 2-6
Work Time: Using the branding elements we solidified on day one, I'll diligently customize the templates from the Nonprofit Template Shop to fit your organization’s specific needs and style. This will involve adapting layouts, integrating your branding elements, and preparing the templates for seamless use by your team.

Day 7
Final Review Meeting: We'll meet to review the customized Canva templates and your new brand kit. This is your opportunity to request any last-minute revisions, and we will also discuss best practices for utilizing these templates effectively within your organization.

plan your next nonprofit marketing campaign in just one week

As busy nonprofit founders and leaders, you’re juggling a lot with your programming and operations. It’s no wonder that mission marketing finds its way to the bottom of your to-do list.

Chances are:

  • you have difficulty finding enough hours in the day

  • you sit and stare at the computer wondering what to create for hours

  • you find yourself working at important family events

  • you're constantly worrying about whether you're "doing the right thing" with social media

  • you’re sacrificing your personal and family time for work

  • social media feels like a "have to do" not a "want to do"

If you’ve been struggling to clearly and consistently market your nonprofit - you’re in the right place!

Some of our best work


What's included in this package?

The Maximized Canva Build-Out service includes the customization of Canva templates from the Nonprofit Template Shop for your nonprofit organization, as well as the set up of the Canva Brand Kit, including colors, fonts, templates, photos, icons, and more.

What's not included in this package?

This package does not include implementation or scheduling of content. You are responsible for implementing your strategy and content.

Do I need any previous design experience to use this service?

No, you don't need any previous design experience. The templates come with the original text, and you can customize them as needed. Our team will also provide guidance on best practices for using the templates and creating engaging content.

How will we design everything in just one week?

Once your deposit has been paid, we'll send you an intake form! This will have specific questions to help us understand the purpose of your campaign. We ask that you complete this 48 hours prior to day one.

Day 1
9 AM - Strategy Kickoff Meeting: We'll meet to review your campaign, set your objectives and get clear on project deliverables.
9:30 - Work Time: I'll get to work writing your messaging for this campaign.
4 PM - Messaging Guide: We'll send you the messaging guide to review and solidify for this campaign.

Day 2-6
Work Time: Using the campaign strategy and messaging we finalized the day prior, I'll get to work crafting your campaign emails and social media posts. I'll also design your custom graphics for the campaign.

Day 7
We'll meet to review your campaign deliverables and implementation strategy.

What tool do we use to create designs and branding for nonprofits?

Chances are, you didn't go to school for graphic design or video editing. That's why we design everything inside Canva for Nonprofits, a free and simple design tool. Don't have Canva Pro? Click here for the Canva nonprofit application.

Can I make changes to the templates after delivery?

Yes, of course! You will have complete access to the Canva templates and can modify the templates as needed.

We need an event marketing strategy. Can you help?

Yes, we can customize the Event Marketing Canva Packs for you to help you achieve your fundraising goals. We’re proud to say our clients have raised over $9,500,000 collectively through events.

How soon can I book you an intensive work session?

I only take on two nonprofits like yours per month. Sometimes you get lucky and there’s space in the next 30 days, but it’s a gamble. Best to expect a 60-day waitlist.

Have a question we didn't answer? 

Meet cody — your marketing adventure guide for the maximized canva build out.
In my past seven years as a nonprofit marketing strategist, I've worked with 30+ nonprofits to streamline their marketing and reclaim their team's time.

Take a look at the three minute video to learn more about how to maximize your nonprofit marketing without losing your mind.

let's work together to get your nonprofit seen online (and on-brand)

You don’t need to keep sacrificing family time, self-care, or your sanity to complete your work as a busy nonprofit leader.

With the Maximized Canva Build Out, it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3:
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